Seamless, Intuitive Technology

We understand what it is like to manage large lists of clients, and we’ve built an app that will help any saleperson manage their leads, save time, and build relationships.

Available on Mobile

QuickDesk is available on iTunes and Play store, so you can work on your sales business wherever you go.

Set Goals and Track Activity

Set activity or income goals, and work towards them with our automated tracking. Let QuickDesk handle the numbers while you handle the sales.

DNC? Don't Worry!

We make it simple to tell at a glance if a lead is on the DNC registry, so that you can call new leads without any worries.

Real Time Calling

Communicate directly with clients via QuickDesk, even when you’re on your tablet or computer. Record your calls to ensure that you capture important information.

Abundance Global Management is a client of the quickdesk crm tool.
Lever and Punch is a content marketing agency which uses QuickDesk to get more customers and sales.
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