Goal Setting and Task Tracking

QuickDesk’s task management features make preparing for the close a simple affair, allowing users to transform more prospects into clients.

Goal Setting and Automated Activity Tracking

When you set an appointment or close a deal, simply key it into QuickDesk and it will track your progress towards your goals. For Sales Leaders, you can also track the activity of your sales team.

  • Set yearly or quarterly goals
  • Activity or Sales Goals
  • History page shows all activities, which can also be sorted into SMS, Email, and Calls
  • Client Cards contain past activities (SMS, Email correspondences) which relate to that client
Tasks in the task list are sorted by priority and due date.
View your appointments and due dates for tasks on the calendar view

Set and manage tasks and appointments

  • Link tasks and reminders to a Lead
  • Remind yourself by SMS, Email, or Push Notification
  • Add information about appointments
  • Sort and View tasks by priority

Easy and convenient calendar management

  • View upcoming events and tasks
  • Create followup appointments

File repository for all the materials you need

  • Attach relevant documents and notes to Client Cards (e.g. Noting down their needs and wants)
  • Create Quotations and Invoices for a client
Upload quotations, invoice or other files related to the client onto the quickdesk app


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