Customer Story #2 – Efficiency

"QuickDesk not only tracks my leads but it also acts like my personal assistant, helping to remind me of my upcoming appointments and tasks"
Robin, GoProp realty Pte Ltd

Track Tasks, Appointments and Customer Information Easily

Robin owns a real estate agency and manages a group of agents. He needed a proper customer database management system which could store customers’ details. Before using QuickDesk, Robin would keep his customers’ details in the form of namecards, excel sheets or physically on paper. As the number of customers grew, it became difficult to track and recall customer notes, appointments and tasks.

With QuickDesk, it was easy to track tasks and appointments as the system could set reminders and prompt users through SMS or email before an appointment or task was due. It also saved a lot of time for Robin as customer information could be easily recorded and retrieved on QuickDesk.

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