How to Use CRM when Marketing to Older Customers

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It is a myth that older people are set in their own ways, and they do not want to change brands. The world is changing, so are the older people. Now you can see more dads in their 50s wearing fashionable jeans and tees than ever before. The point here is; older people are more quickly adapting to the new trends than you think. If you are planning to market your products to the older generation, your CRM system can give you the best support. However, for best results, you need to invest in a feature-rich CRM software like QuickDesk, which lets you set goals, monitor prospects, and reach out your target audience faster. Here are some tips on marketing to older customers with CRM.

Identify their preferences

The first thing you need when marketing to any customer group is studying their purchasing behaviours. This is especially true for baby boomers. This is because elderly people have some special preferences. They are often more interested in high-value items, such as houses, cars, and expensive furniture. Also, they tend to pay more attention when you talk about health and wellness. So some products, such as health insurance and retirement savings plans grab their attention faster than any other items do. Of course, your products may not fall in this category, buy when you know their preferences, you are likely to direct your marketing efforts in the right direction. Use your CRM software to study how your older customers behave when it comes to responding to marketing messages. This brings us to the second point.

Personalise your messages

Older people love it when you give them the importance they deserve. Instead of sending a one-size-fits message, consider personalising your marketing messages for a better response rate. For instance, you can include their name and designation in the message or mention about something they are passionate about. This means you need to know their personal details, likes and dislikes, as much as possible, in the first place. CRM keeps track of every customer interaction, which could help you decide how to personalise a marketing message for an older customer. You can also use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to approach older customers. Make sure the information you are using for personalization is accurate. The last thing you want to lose a customer only because you mentioned his name wrong in your marketing copy.

Use email marketing

One proven way to get more responses from baby boomers is by running an email marketing campaign. Older people read and respond to marketing emails more often than the Gen-X or Gen-Y customers do. CRM helps you collect, analyse, and organisecustomer data. Now use that information to create focused, personalised emails for your older prospects. Also, cite relevant stats and facts to validate your claims. Older people are more internet-savvy than you think. They often do a thorough online research before buying a product. If you can do the research for them and provide links to websites from where you got the information, your email is more likely to impress them.

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