How to Train Your Salespeople to Use CRM


Buying a CRM system is only the first step to increasing your sales. Even if you buy the best CRM system, you may not be able to maximize results if your salespeople are not trained to use it. Most salespeople view CRM as an additional task rather than an opportunity to achieve better results. They choose to skip the learning process and use the time to focus on selling instead. It is difficult to convince them that using CRM software can actually help them sell more. This is why training salespeople to use CRM can be challenging. However, with the right approach and a little planning, you can make the process easier. Here are some useful tips for training your sales team to embrace CRM.

Choose the right tool

The first thing you can do is to choose an easy-to-use CRM system like QuickDesk. Ensure that the CRM software is optimized for sales representatives – it should contain all the necessary features for your sales process, without having unnecessary features that may make it harder for your sales team to use. Next, you should be able to integrate the CRM software with other software systems in your organization, such as your marketing automation software. Lastly, the system should be easy to navigate, as well as provide sales forecasts and details on customer interactions.

Tell your sales team why they need CRM

CRM can be highly beneficial for your company. However, your salespeople will be more invested in using CRM if they know how it would benefit them personally. For example, if they know that the CRM helps them analyze selling trends, identify potential buyers and visualize sales forecasts, they will definitely be interested. Ultimately, you need to tell your salespeople how the new system can help them sell faster and more efficiently – salespeople are most concerned with improving their performance and sales results.

Provide mobile access

Salespeople often need to travel to meet clients and prospects. Thus, it is important for your CRM solution to be easily accessible from any location. Look for CRM apps that are optimized for mobile devices. When choosing a mobile CRM solution, look for essential features such as real-time calling, auto dialing, recorded history and automated activity tracker, lead and task management and Do-Not-Call (DNC) filtering.

Choose the right time for training

Most salespeople are reluctant to adopt CRM as they think learning a new technology will take up time which they can use for selling. One way to reduce rejection is by choosing the right time for training. You should organize training sessions at the beginning of a quarter when there is less pressure for salespeople. Conducting CRM training sessions at the end of a selling period is never a good idea!

Reward your sales team

One way to encourage your sales team to adopt CRM is to reward them for good performance. If someone in the team has adopted the new system quickly, you can make him a team leader and highlight his achievements, to create a positive influence on other team members and encourage them to use CRM. These are little rewards that can go a long way in motivating your sales team to adopt CRM.

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