How CRM Helps Improve the Value of Your Business


Even if you have no plans to sell your business in future, you should know the value of it. Measuring the value is the first step towards boosting it further. In fact, most business owners have a wrong estimate of their business value in their mind. The actual value, when they come to know about it, often catches them by surprise. However, the good news is; there are ways to boost the value of your business. And your CRM software can play a major role in boosting your company’s intangible asset value. Here are some useful tips.

Increasing retention rate

When you use CRM to collect and analyze customer data from a single dashboard, it becomes easier to know which customers are happy with your products and services, and which of them aren’t. This now means you can take the necessary steps to retain your happy customers as well as to satisfy your not-so-happy customers. This is a great way to boost your customer retention rate, which again helps improve the value of your business.

Getting new business

While retaining your existing customers, you should also take the steps to reach out to new customers and expand your business. However, finding or nurturing leads is a time consuming process. Simplified CRM software like QuickDesk makes the job easy for you, with features like auto-dialing, DNC screening integration, and the ability to call or send SMS directly from your browser. You can now use the time you saved on other more important tasks, thereby getting closer your goal of improving business value.

Making marketing more effective

CRM software like QuickDesk comes with features that help boost your marketing efficiency. For instance, the software helps you identify the buying patterns of your existing customers, and thus decide when to launch a marketing campaign, what marketing channels you should utilize for best results. In the end, a more effective marketing strategy helps boost your brand value.

Improving communication

CRM connects your sales team to your marketing team, your on-site employees to your off-site workers. When all your internal departments get instant access to updated customer data, it becomes easy to serve the customer better. Internal communication improves, so does customer satisfaction.  With more and more customers speaking highly of your products and services, the value of your business increases.

The right use of CRM not only helps you expand your customer base, but it also allows you to make sure your customers are happy with your service. In essence, CRM helps enhance your brand reputation and customer lists – all of which pushes your bottom line and increases your company’s intangible asset value.

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