Category: Sales and CRM

The Keys to Successful CRM Implementation

Implementing CRM software isn’t easy. The size of the business doesn’t even matter. Every business struggles to a change in the system. This is partly why implementation has such a high failure rate. However, it doesn’t always have …


How CRM Can Help Resolve Disputes

All business owners can agree that a customer dispute is more than just a small nuisance. If neglected, it can literally bring a business down. It makes sense. When was the last time you talked to other people …


Why CRM is Your Most Valuable Asset

Customers come and go. That is a fact of life. There’s literally nothing you can do about it. But, knowing why a customer stops patronising your business after some time can give you a good idea what to …


Qualities That Make a Good CRM Software

Keeping customers satisfied and increasing revenue. That’s one of the main goals of all businesses if not their biggest goal. Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done. Between sorting out their own problems as a business, and …


How to Manage Data Well in an SME

Modern technology has made it possible to capture data, sometimes even irrelevant data, at every point in the life cycle of a customer. Unfortunately, this isn’t always good. Plenty of SME business owners feel overwhelmed by the amount …


Best CRM Softwares for Small Businesses

One of the most effective and efficient ways of managing interactions with clients and customers is to use the right customer relationship management (CRM) system. This type of software and systems help business owners achieve their goal of …

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