Looking at CRM from the Perspective of a Customer

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The best way to know about how well your business is doing is to go straight to your customers. But, of course, it’s not always easy to get their feedback now. Or, is it?

You might be surprised if I tell you that in fact, 47% of CRM users said that their CRM had a significant impact on customer retention, and the same percentage said their CRM had a significant influence on customer satisfaction (Aberdeen Group).


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CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, may not be new, but many aspects of this very effective business strategy are heavily underutilized. One example will be asking the customers directly regarding what they liked the most about a certain purchase or service and even what they liked the least about it.

Generally, customers only want the product that they’re looking for. While social media has given most of your customers a platform to air their concerns, a phone call, email or message to follow up on any of their concerns effectively or get their feedback is a severely underrated sales tactic.

You are a customer

Picture this: you’re at your favourite restaurant eating dinner and you just ordered something. Even though you enjoyed your meal, you can’t exactly be bothered to leave a comment on any of their social media accounts. It’s not that it’s not worth your time, but, most people simply do not go that far. However, if a waiter comes up to you as you pay your bill and kindly asks you to let them know about how well you liked your recent dining experience, then you’d most likely have a thing or two to say.

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Improve yourself with customer feedback

That’s what most businesses don’t get when it comes to CRM. Although feedback is something that can help your business the most. Both positive and negative ideas can tell you whether you are doing your job well or what is there to improve to satisfy your most important stakeholders: customers. Previously we wrote about how to handle customer complains in case you fall into the second tier.

Make your customers feel special!

The best CRM software may give you all the data in the world, but those numbers are useless if you don’t act upon them. Case in point, a simple email to remind one of your customers about how your store is having an exclusive sale of their favourite line of cosmetics can generate much more sales than you probably realise. You can go even deeper and send them something as simple as a birthday greeting or reward them for patronising your business.

With CRM, you will know exactly who to email and what to send them. But, of course, your customers are more than just data; they’re actual human beings that want to feel valued as well.

We wrote about best customer service practices that will earn you loyalty. Personalising their experience as a customer with your business and tailoring it to fit their needs is the best way to attract new customers while making sure that they keep on coming back.

Just think of how you’d like to feel if you were a customer of your own business and start from there.

Ask yourself…

Do you like how your team handles your customers? Do you think that your staff lacks training? If so, why not do something about it? Developing an objective view of your business, paired with the data provided to you by CRM to improve the quality of your service is key to success.

Take the time to look at what your customers are experiencing and make sure that it’s something that you’d want for yourself.

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