Best Ways of Handling Customer Complaints Online

Nowadays, businesses do not just address customer criticism privately. Feedback today often appears on social media platforms, and everyone out there has access to it. The criticisms aired publicly can sometimes provoke a high number of responses in the form of combative replies, quiet distractors, and echoes of negativity. Previously we also laid down 6 ways poor customer service is killing your business. To maintain a high reputation ensure you have a strategy before it’s too late!



Negativity may be hard to take in sometimes, but it is prudent for businesses to take negativity as an advantage. You should consider it a favour when customers take the time to provide feedback on where they think you should improve. After all, they are the consumers of your products or services. Through the complaints in social media, you can know how your company is perceived, how the product works and how your employees interact with customers. Besides according to a study, a dissatisfied customer will tell 10-20 other who then all become lost potential customers.

The best part is that you can use these negative feedbacks to your advantage! People who complain about your company on social media such as Facebook and Twitter are likely to recommend your firm afterwards when they receive a reasonable response from you. Remember the haters are not the problem. Ignoring them is the problem. Ignoring the negative question and failing to answer them is like hanging up a phone on someone. Here are top ways of handling customer complaints online.

Be Responsive Offline

Give the complaining customers an opportunity to contact you offline to resolve their problems. The complaining client might not cooperate, but an offline communication may help you address the issues. Addressing the issues that had started on social media through emails or phone calls quickly helps in the provision of quicker solutions and increase the chance of productive dialogue. You should also make sure that you handle your customer complaints privately to prevent them from lashing out on social media to be heard.



Do Not Delete the Negative Comments

Deleting negative complaints in social platforms is unwise. By removing the negative comments, you create a negative impression even to potential clients. It’s a poor way of handling customer complaints. It’s like showing the customer that he or she is not important and they should find another forum outside to air their complaints. The best strategy is to respond to the negativities.

Manage Your Temper

Always keep your temper cool even when you are feeling attacked and defenceless. You can post a standard pre-planned reply using a CRM software. Appease them by being apologetic and by assuring them of future solutions.



Monitor Complaints

You and your employees should try to address complaints, and look at them as an ideal opportunity to create a more elaborate brand experience than a single purchase or interaction. By handling all the complaints in all the social media forums, you help instil more value in your brand. You may sometime consider reviewing all the relevant platforms and pages where the clients are likely to discuss your product. Every complaint is an excellent opportunity for building your customer loyalty and retain customers just if you perhaps use social media.

Be Timely

Ensure you take the comments seriously for effective communication. You should ensure you respond to consumer complaints and feedback within the shortest time possible. It is not advisable to respond to a previous question on current comments. Companies that handle complaints within minutes are likely to have a platform with raving fans.

Finally, ensure you move the discussion offline; you can also convert complainers into advocates. You may not have the capacity to monitor and respond quickly to all issues. You can make it easy and effective by using a CRM software. Look for a reputable and robust company in Singapore that can help you get the right account for your company. Successful handling consumer complaints with millions of people watching is not customer service, its marketing. Use these tips, and you will no longer have to worry about the complaints raised by your clients online.

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