Basic Mistakes You May Be Making If Your CRM Is Not Working

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Figuring out how the best CRM software works isn’t rocket science, but it’s not child’s play either. And, in between trying to figure it out and handling other aspects of your business, it’s easy to get lost and feel like what you’re doing is not working. But hey! Don’t give up! According to Nucleus Research CRM software have increased sales efforts and productivity by 26.4%.

Now below are a few common mistakes about the use of CRM and what you can do about it.

Mistake No. 1 – Putting Too Much Value on Numbers

Previously we wrote about how to be more customer-centric as a start-up. It’s easy to think of your customers as just numbers on a spreadsheet. When you focus too much on the numbers, you neglect the fact that there are actual human beings behind them and you miss out on the communication necessary to strengthen the relationship between your business and your customers.

Monitor your team and remind them to maintain regular communication with your customers at all levels, and not just focus on what the number says is the best opportunity for profit.

Mistake No. 2 – Thinking that Complexity Equals Success

Generally, the rule of thumb with finding the best CRM software for your business is that the easier it is for your team to understand how it works, the better it is. Even better if the CRM integrates well with already existing functions such as emails and schedules.

Remember, while CRM is about your business’s relationship with customers, it’s about your team first. And, by taking a more minimalistic approach where the focus is only on the necessary data points that yield results, the more opportunities you’ll get with less effort.

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Mistake No. 3 – Seeing CRM As a Magic Pill

As much as you’d like to receive valuable insights about how well your business is doing, the fact is, most aren’t receptive to being measured. Your team most likely already loves how the status quo is and would prefer not to disrupt it. However, that’s exactly what introducing CRM does.

Not even the best CRM software can help fix the unreceptive mentality of an entire organization unless the integration is done slowly and patiently. Take the time to introduce the new system to your team and they’ll slowly do away with the unreceptive mentality that will only stunt the growth of your organization from going forward.


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Mistake No. 4 – Working with the Wrong Partner

The issue with CRM is that there really isn’t a one size fits all solution; it’s different in every situation and you’ll want to work with a partner whose speciality synergize well with what it is your business is trying to accomplish with the integration.

Remember, they’ll be working with you all throughout the process, even providing support well after the implementation. So, do not rush your decision in choosing your CRM software provider and choose the one you’re most comfortable with.

Make the Most of Your Data

If your business continues to fail to gain any movement and you feel like CRM is getting you nowhere, then you’re probably making one or more of the mistakes mentioned above.

As mentioned previously, not everyone is receptive to being measured. But, it is only by admitting your flaws that your business can grow and move forward.
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