QuickDesk is a simplified CRM software optimised for sales teams and professionals. Convert leads and close prospects easier than ever.

Quickdesk is available as a webapp, and mobile app on both iPhones and Android Phones.

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Available on Mobile and Tablets –
bring your sales business with you, and be productive on the go!

Quickdesk mobile app is available on the apple app store for iPhones and iPads
QuickDesk is available on the google play store for Android Phones
Screenshot of Call and SMS widget on the quickdesk desktop app.


Communication is critical for success in sales. With powerful rapid communication tools and mobile accessibility, QuickDesk empowers users to reach out effectively, hunting more prospects in less time.

  • Call, SMS, and Email direct from browser
  • Auto-dialing and SMS blast to multiple contacts
  • DNC screening integration
  • Native iOS and Android apps for hunting on-the-go
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QuickDesk’s task management features makes preparing for the close a simple affair, allowing users to transform more prospects into clients.
  • Task and appointRment setting for nurturing prospects
  • Calendar management and integration with Google Calendar
  • Event prompts and notifications to track outcomes of meetings
  • File repository to pull out sales kits and materials at your convenience
iPhone screenshot of organized contact information on QuickDesk iOS app


Build an effective sales force with QuickDesk CRM Software’s team features.

Team features: Group updates, notifications, assignments and more.

Activity stats and reporting for coaching and compliance.

Goal setting and visualisation for team motivation.

Screenshots of the multiple functions on quickdesk such as contact, calendar view, goal setting, tasks and appointments


Intuitive Software for Sales Teams and Professionals

We understand what it is like to manage large lists of clients, and we’ve built QuickDesk, a CRM solution that will help any saleperson manage their leads and increase engagement.

QuickDesk uses a spreadsheet interface. You can select multiple leads to be contacted at the same time to be more efficient.
A sales agent can use the hunter dashboard to make calls quickly to many contacts, reducing call resistance. They can also blast a mass SMS message


Access the best of QuickDesk’s communication features via the Hunter Dashboard which allows you to integrate multiple widgets and manage your leads.

Everything is distilled to offer the laser focus your sales team needs to hunt down deals and close them to bring back the winnings.

Available on Mobile

QuickDesk is available on iTunes and Playstore, so you can work on your sales business wherever you go!

Set Goals and Track Activity

Set activity or income goals, and work towards them with our automated tracking. Let QuickDesk handle the numbers while you handle the sales.

Import / Export contacts

Import your list of contacts from a spreadsheet, and group them into categories and tags (e.g. “Warm” or “Cold” leads) for easier sorting.

Mass Communications

Contact all your customers seamlessly and simultaneously!

Organized Client Information

As a salesperson, your client needs are just as important as your own. Now, keeping track of all these bits of data is as easy as pie.

Real Time Calling

You can communicate directly with clients via QuickDesk, even when you’re on your tablet or computer. You can also record your calls to ensure that you note down valuable information.


Create and send quotations to your customers with our Quotation Generator.


Create invoices from scratch, or use previous quotations as a template. You can also assign them based on customers.

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